How to Make a Perfect Thanksgiving Day: Top 10 Tips for Amazing Holiday Newsletters

Table of Content:
1. How Marketers Take Advantage of Thanksgiving Day
2. Best Thanksgiving Newsletter Ideas to Fall in Love With
3. How Traditions Come Into Designs: 10 Ideas to Make Your Thanksgiving Email Design Better
4. A Few Words in Conclusion

We are a long way still from the fourth Thursday of November. Yet there are some people who are already on their way. You may ask us now: who are they? We are not talking about Santa Claus who can already make packages with various gifts. We are talking about our old friends. Marketers. They always use a chance to congratulate people (especially loyal customers) on different holidays. Today we want you to get familiar with some amazing Thanksgiving newsletters ideas. Yet let us explain everything brick by brick.

How Marketers Take Advantage of Thanksgiving Day

Actually, Thanksgiving Day is not the exception. It is more than an opportunity to extend thanks for choosing some special company or services. It also allows to:

  • share some additional content on social networks;
  • provide people with some amazing sales and special offers using Thanksgiving emails;
  • hold a celebration or event at different physical locations.

In this article, you will find lots of Thanksgiving email inspiration. If you already eating turkey and watching festive TV-programmes, put off your celebration just for a few minutes. Take a look at the most eye-catching Thanksgiving newsletter templates and congratulate your customers on this warm holiday…

Best Thanksgiving Newsletter Ideas to Fall in Love With

Thanksgiving Day Email Template for Software and Technology Industry

A vibrant email template that will make it possible to congratulate people on Thanksgiving Day. Especially if you have something to do with software and technology sphere. With the help of this ready-made solution, it will take you nothing to spread happiness all over the world. People will look back at the previous year and remember some pleasant moments. Actually, who knows? Maybe, a cooperation with your company is also included in the list of the most remarkable moments. In general, this incredible template will allow you to express your gratitude at its best.

BigSale Multipurpose Newsletter Template

This wonderful email template can be used not only to congratulate your audience on Thanksgiving day. It will be also possible to gladden your customers with your newsletters even after the end of the holiday. By the way, if you are immersed in the fashion business, this template is your perfect solution. What features are included in the package?

  • unlimited color options;
  • a powerful Stampready Builder;
  • a great MailChimp integration;
  • lots of PSD files;
  • amazing Campaign Monitor.

Holiday Newsletter Template

One more template that allows expressing thanks to your favorite audience. This solution will gladden especially those people who own travel agencies. It has a vibrant design that will allow doing g few things simultaneously. To start with, it will be possible to offer congratulation on Thanksgiving Day. In addition to this, you will get a chance to spread the word about various holiday sales. It will be completely possible thanks to the following options:

  • 5 ready-made HTML files;
  • a fully-fledged StampReady Builder;
  • MailChimp and Monitor Campaign files;
  • different color variations.

Thanksgiving Day Email Template for Furniture and Decor Industry

If you want to wish your audience happiness and love, pay your attention to this template. It can be called a great variant for those who have relevance to furniture and decor industry. This solution is designed in the palette of warm colors that always remind of autumn. Furthermore, you will be ready to offer some new goods, tell about sales, and promote your services. Make sure to say thank you to your loyal clients together with this superb template.

Thanksgiving Day Email Template for Restaurants Industry

The last email template to celebrate Thanksgiving Day for today. If you are an owner of the restaurant who wants to wish happiness to various clients, make use of it. Provide people with useful discount coupons and thank them for choosing your restaurant. This template will make sure everyone will be extremely happy to receive a few words from you. Such an autumn design is impossible to pass by in the middle of the holiday season.

How Traditions Come Into Designs: 10 Ideas to Make Your Thanksgiving Email Design (And Not Only) Better

What about you? Do you always read all newsletters? Some people even do not open them. We do not want your emails to share the same fate. Everyone needs to read them and adore your congratulatory words. How is it possible to make people become interested? How can you make users not to delete your newsletter and read them till the end? We prepared 10 tips that will make your emails look and sound extremely attractive. Even it is not winter yet, the hearts of your readers will melt.

Are you enough intrigued to find out everything (or almost everything) about great newsletters? Let us start here and now…

1. Make Use of Impressive Animated Banners

Of course, you have already heard about the importance of using banners on different websites and newsletters. It does not sound like a huge breakthrough. Yet practice always makes perfect.

A great banner included on the email design provides with:


Banners make it possible to create a focus on things that are needed to be noticed at first place. It takes only a few seconds for a great banner to capture the attention. For this reason, it is important to include such kind of the banner on your Thanksgiving letter. It will encourage people to visit your website. One more thing that you should keep in mind. It is possible to catch everyone’s attention when banners are appealing and unique. If you think that you are cannot create a tailor-made banner on your own, we can resolve this problem.

Fortunately for you, we have a marvelous animated banner. If you click on the image, you will be ready to take a closer look at it.

2. Get the Header and Footer Right

Do not forget to feature the name of your company or brand. People should immediately understand who congratulates them on the Thanksgiving Day.

3. Include Some Curious Information

Of course, your main aim is to congratulate people on Thanksgiving Day. You can also include offers, promos, and different hot sales that people need to pay attention to.

4. Take Advantage of Different Elegant Fonts

Typography is such a thing that cannot be forgotten at any price. When it comes to such a thing as Thanksgiving newsletters, you should definitely think about fonts. What is the importance of the typography?

  • Fonts are louder than fonts;
  • People are always influenced by fonts (their size, colors, and so on and so forth);
  • Typography can also make your brand more widely-recognized;
  • It is possible to make your texts more readable and attractive.

This package is considered to be a great solution to spice up your Thanksgiving newsletters. Click on the image to find out more about these sophisticated and remarkable fonts.

5. Keep it Short and Attractive

Remember that people are not fond of reading loads of text. For this reason, try to write a short message and organize it in a well-structured layout. By the way, do not forget about creating an attention-grabbing Thanksgiving subject line.

6. Think About Mobile Users

Lots of people use their mobile devices to check their emails. While making your newsletters with Thanksgiving congratulations, keep in mind a mobile-first approach.

7. Do Not Forget About Eye-Catching Icons

In order to make your Thanksgiving newsletters even more attractive, you can take advantage of different icons. Turkey, pumpkins, some delicious dishes, sunflowers, gifts… These and many other images will make it possible to make people adore your messages.

Now you can scream WOW because there are some wonderful icons that will make you agape with wonder. As usual, you need to click on the image to shoot a glance at them.

8. Think About Colors and Mood They Provide

Colors are as much crucial as fonts. Make sure that they are appropriate and set the right mood.

9. Brighten Your Newsletters With Remarkable Illustrations

Some people like to say that a picture is worth of thousands words. We will not argue with them. Pictures allow making newsletters even more engaging. It is impossible not to read a message that includes some relevant images.

There are some examples of images that you can use in your Thanksgiving emails.

10. Just Be Genuine in Your Words

The main secret of the successful Thanksgiving newsletters is sincerity. Speak from the heart and people will appreciate it.

Thanksgiving is a time of the year when people are thankful to each other. For smiles, embraces, and unforgettable moments. Together with your holiday newsletters, it will be possible to gather all your customers. Give them thanks for their friendship and loyalty using Thanksgiving newsletter templates. Without a doubt, everyone will be pleased to receive a few words from your team. Thanks to the tips mentioned on the top, your emails will turn out to be extremely impressive.

We are sure that you have got some inspiration. For this reason, do not allow it to fade away. Start creating your Thanksgiving newsletters right now. Thanks for reading!

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